Video: Green Throttle wants to turn Android devices into consoles

Certain pundits have been predicting the demise of game consoles for years now.

Indeed, when mobile gaming became popular on Android devices and Apple’s iOS lineup, many thought such portable devices would inevitably herald the end console gaming. Well, such a scenario has yet to happen, with console gaming still going strong as highlighted by the undeniable success of Halo 4. 

More recently, people have been speculating that the Ouya game console might (once again) mean the demise of the game console. Personally, I don’t see that happening either.

But in the meantime, we can certainly enjoy our mobile devices for gaming, helped along by companies like Green Throttle which wants to transform your Android device into a console.

This product is funded by some personalities with significant history in the entertainment business, including Charles Huang, who is perhaps best known for Guitar Hero.

Essentially, the idea behind Green Throttle is that you can connect an Android-powered smartphone or tablet to your TV – and then use a Bluetooth Atlas Controller to form a pseudo console.

Green Throttle is coding its own games for the plaortform and has convinced a number of third party developers to jump on board, including Free Range Games, Mercenary and Monstrous.

Interestingly, the controllers used in the system promise full analogue control sticks – allowing precise controlling fluid motion. As noted above, the Green Throttle system works with Android devices, with the company offering a free software development kit (SDK) for download in an effort to spur interest and adoption.