Halo 4 reviews are in

Halo 4 is coming this Tuesday, and of course it’s going to make a ton of money whether the fans end up loving  or hating it.

Unsurprisingly, according to the general consensus we’ve gathered thus far, Halo 4 is a winner, albeit not without its flaws.


As Forbes explains, “Usually when there’s a 4 in a game’s title, there’s not much to be said about how it’s going to be a reinvention of the series…With Halo 4 however, it’s important to note that this is supposed to be a shift for the game in many ways.”

While Forbes wasn’t exactly pleased about Halo 4’s story, the publication felt the “vast improvement” over the previous games was Master Chief and his gang o’ weapons. “Overall, the Halo universe never looked better.”

As Cinema Blend notes, Halo 4 “managed to continue the best traditions in the series while introducing some innovations of their own.” Blend also added that the company 343 Industries, who took over Halo, “improved upon Bungie’s work and [has] taken Halo in a promising new direction.”

As the Wall Street Journal reports, if a title receives a rating below 75, it’s all over for said game. Then the numbers for Halo 4 hit Metacritic, and it scored a 91 from 37 reviews. IGN gave it a 9.8 out of 10, and called the game “a triumph.” 

The Journal also reports that 800 review copies of the game were sent out, and as we’ve reported here onTG, promotions for Halo 4 have gone all out, to the point where Master Chief even took over a small country.

Again, everyone on earth knows Halo is the hitting the streets soon, the title doesn’t exactly need promotion, and too much hype can definitely be counterproductive. However, judging from the reviews so far, everything should hit a major critical mass on Tuesday, while providing an enormous (and much needed) boost for the gaming industry.