Retro Chrono Trigger goes live for Android gamers

Every time think about the new Android video game Chrono Trigger, the music from the old-school Legend of Zelda games plays in my head.

And why not? The title boasts pixilated, classic graphics that any experienced gamer will easily recognize. Yes, the game has been ported from the Nintendo DS portable console – which itself was a port from the SNES.

However, the Android version of Chrono Trigger boasts additional levels that aren’t included in the SNES original, including the Dimensional Vortex and Lost Sanctum.

The original game was on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in the day, and since then, the controls have been altered to support modern touch interfaces. As some of you may recall, Chrono Trigger debuted on the SNES in 1995 with the DS version launching in November of 2008. The Android game supports English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish languages. An iOS version is also available.

The time-traveling title takes players from the prehistoric past, all the way to the distant future. Gamers will play alongside NPCs that include a robot, a half-man half-frog, a cave woman, and other characters. Coded by the folks at Square Enix, Chrono trigger can be snapped up on the Google Play Store for a cool $10. While that amount certainly won’t break the bank, I think many people may have a difficult time paying anything for mobile games – so asking $10 may very will limit its distribution. That being said, this is certainly not the first expensive game to come from Square Enix and retro gamers who have fond memories of the original probably will have little issue shelling out $10 to relive their glory days.