Man in line for Wii U forced to evacuate

The massive storm that is ravaging the East Coast has forced the very first man in line for a Wii U to leave.

Yes, believe it or not, even though the Wii U will not be released until November 18 in the US, Isaiah Johnson has already been officially started the launch day queue outside the Nintendo World Store in New York City.

In fact, he first arrived at the store on October 22. By all accounts that makes him not only the first to line up for Nintendo’s new system but also the record holder for the earliest to line up for a new game system. No one has ever waited outside a store for nearly a month just to get their hands on a console.

Unfortunately for Johnson, he didn’t realize that a history-making storm was getting ready to head straight to New York. A guard at the Nintendo World Store has ordered him to leave due to safety concerns from Hurricane Sandy.

On Twitter, he seemed to understand the decision. “I’m a diehard Nintendo gamer but I’m not going to die hard for a video game system,” Johnson wrote.

In fact, it might be even better for the fan. Nintendo World staff said they are allowing him to keep his spot as the first in line, so when it is safe to go outside again he will be able to resume his position. For the record books, he will be able to maintain that he started queueing up on October 22.

Hurricane Sandy has already had other impacts on the tech world, including the cancellation of a major Google event as well as the closure of Nasdaq, which trades many technology stocks.