Unplugging: Tour schedules, record labels, and everything in-between

This week featured a plethora of music news, ranging from drama with record labels to anticipated albums.

Trent Reznor, known as being the leading member of Nine Inch Nails, recently agreed for his new band to be signed to Columbia Records. The new band, How to Destroy Angels, is set to release their first official record on November 13th, but it seems that recent events are dampening the hype on the debut.

Reznor states, “I want to be able to create art that reaches the maximum amount of people on my terms….That was why we wound up considering, and ultimately going with, a label, and not just a label, but a major label, for How to Destroy Angels.”

HEALTH have cancelled their last nine tour dates with Crystal Castles. The band released the news via their Facebook page. However, no information as to why the band has cancelled the tour has been released.

“Unfortunately it’s beyond our control and that’s not possible,” is all information the band provided concerning the cancellations. HEALTH will not be performing at the October 24th date onward. Crystal Castles and HEALTH had been performing together since the beginning of October.

Singer Fiona Apple’s name has been popping up a lot in the news lately, unfortunately not for the most positive reasons. This time, her record label is to blame. Apple composed the song “Dull Tool” for upcoming Judd Apatow movie This is 40. However, her label, Epic Records, is prohibiting the track from being released

commercially. The song will indeed be featured in the film, but will not be released separately for unknown reasons. At her show in Arizona, Apple “lashed out at her label…for pulling promotional support from her new album.” This is 40 releases on December 21st.

Century Media Records recently attended a hearing ruled US District Judge Faith S. Hochberg. The judge voided almost one thousand subpoenas for a BitTorrent suit. The suit involved band Lacuna Coil and their album Dark Adrenaline. The attorney, on behalf of Century Media, hired a company to search for internet protocol addresses linked to file-sharing websites. Subpoenas were then issued to all the associated IP addresses associated with this file-sharing. The judge ruled that the case “wrongly joined mass

defendants together.”

Rapper 50 Cent recently commented on Dr. Dre’s anticipated album Detox. “I’m not sure if he’s going to actually release a full CD or if he wants to just release the music he’s comfortable with. He might do an EP…” The release of Detox has been talked about and delayed since the mid-2000s, despite the many dialogues concerning it. Whether it be tour cancellations or label tensions, artists manage to pull through their trials and tribulations. Lucky for us fans, these artists continue to fight for their music and pull through.

Unplugging in Brief:

Trent Reznor Clarifies Reasons for Signing How to Destroy Angels to Columbia Records, Not In It for the Money

HEALTH Cancels Last Nine Shows of 2012 Fall Tour

Fiona Apple’s “Dull Tool” to Appear in Upcoming Film This is 40, Epic Records Prohibits Commercial Release

District Judge Voids Subpoenas Issued by Century Media Record for Illegal Downloading

Dr. Dre’s Release Date for Detox Still Delayed, 50 Cent Says May be an EP

* Aria Davis, MXDWN