EA has no desire to bring Origin to Wii U

Although EA’s PC digital download platform is branching out to other channels, Wii U will not be one of them.

EA COO Peter Moore was asked in an interview with Computerandvideogames.com whether or not the company was considering launching a Wii U version of its Origin service, which allows users to buy newly released PC games and play them instantly.

“We haven’t made any announcements on that,” Moore said.

EA flew against the industry standard, which is Valve’s Steam platform, so there had been speculation that perhaps the company would similarly offer its own proprietary download service for its Wii U games.

These rumors came to light after EA updated its Origin end-user license agreement with references to the Wii U. The company has not made any comments about what that change is all about.

“Origin continues to be a PC-centric service, one that’s moving quickly to mobile, but as things evolve in the coming years we’ll look at where the demand is. But at the moment Origin is very much PC centric and mobile centric,” said Moore.

To give Origin a presence across not only PC and mobile but also on traditional consoles as well would give EA a truly unique branding opportunity in the industry, but it looks like the company just isn’t angling for that – at least not yet.