Video: Global Outbreak geolocation brings the zombies

We’ve highlighted quite a number of zombie video games in recent weeks, including DayZ which is slated to hit PCs in the relatively near future along with an Xbox 360 version. However, if you’re a mobile Android gamer looking for a little zombie slaying action now, you might want to check out a new title dubbed Global Outbreak.

Basically, Global Outbreak takes advantage of the geolocation features embedded in your smartphone and puts you in charge of destroying zombies in your area by teaming up with a gang of mercenaries armed with a plethora of weapons. The game is free to play, though presumably you can purchase upgrades in the game to help slay the zombies.

The premise of the game is fairly straightforward. An unknown virus spreads across the world, turning people into zombies. Frankly, it reminds me more than little of Gauntlet from the arcade days of gaming or Contra on old school consoles. 

As expected, players can chain kills to earn more points to upgrade weapons, while commanding additional characters, vehicles, helicopters and remote turrets. Plus, as players earn points in the game, they can level up their characters with new attributes along with weapons with new features to make kills easier.