Walmart offers another way to get Wii U on launch day

If you didn’t get your Wii U pre-order in yet, Walmart may have your ticket.

The #1 US retailer has begun accepting layaway orders for the Wii U, and promises that if you pay off your balance before the console’s launch next month you will be able to pick it up at midnight.

All you need to do is make a 10% down payment of the console and then fulfill the entire balance of the order in time for the launch of the system. Even if you don’t pay it off before November 18, your console will still be held for you provided you keep up with the terms of the layaway agreement.

There is a limit of two Wii U consoles for every layaway customer.

Due to problems with the production of the Wii U’s touchscreen controller, it’s expected that Nintendo will have a fairly low number of units available on launch day.

This is further compounded by the fact that there hasn’t been a brand new home console in the industry since 2006. People are clamoring for something new and fresh.

There are two versions of the console. The $300 version will get you the bare bones, with one of the GamePad tablet controllers and 8 GB of memory. There will also be a $350 version that comes with 32 GB, and the game Nintendo Land.