Video: Minecraft creator teases 0x10c space sim

Although I’m not a Minecraft junkie I have spent many hours playing the wildly popular game. 

At first I found Minecraft intriguing because the graphics are so blocky and it reminded me of some titles I used to play back in the 80s. However, after spending enough time in the world of Minecraft you realize that graphics aside, the game is intensely fun and thought provoking.

And millions of gamers seem to agree, as Minecraft racked up over 7 million copies on the PC alone by August 2012. So what’s next from the developers of Minecraft? A space sim. Althought the game will be a space simulation with classic shooter aspects, Markus Persson and his dev team really don’t know where the project  is headed.

The space simulation game that Persson and his team are working on is currently titled 0x10c. We’re not sure what that name means either, so we’re likely just as puzzled as you are. We do know that 0x10c is set on some sort of spaceship orbiting a planet that bears a striking resemblance to Saturn.

The graphics in this game are certainly better than Minecraft, but obviously aren’t up to par with modern shooters. The game is blocky, which is to be expected from the people behind Minecraft, the quintessential block game. The developers say that during the game they would “really like for stuff to go wrong.” The idea is to force players to use creativity and resource gathering to fix whatever happens aboard the ship.

One very interesting aspect of the space simulation is that it will include a fully programmable 16-bit computer. What role that computer will play in the game, or if it will be there solely to amuse hard-core geeks remains to be seen.