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New Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC coming November

Of all the NPC’s in the Mass Effect universe, I’ve always rather liked Aria. She is the cool blue, tentacle-headed alien that has a bit of a love affair going on with Commander Shepard. One of the things I’ve always particularly like about the Mass Effect franchise is that the developers don’t just create a game, throw it out there, and then leave players waiting for the next installation of the franchise for more.

BioWare released a significant DLC package for Mass Effect 3 back in August called Leviathan. Today we learned that another new, and massive, DLC pack is coming to Mass Effect 3 on November 27 called Omega. This new DLC pack is described by BioWare’s Michael Gamble as “double the size of the largest DLC we’ve done for Mass Effect 3 [previously].”

Gamble noted that the single-player DLC pack would be available for the Xbox 360 on November 27 and is slated to cost 1200 MS Points. That works out to about $15 in real world cash. The DLC will have fans of the franchise playing as the blue alien Aria that I mentioned before. Aria will also be joined by a new female Turian character.

Aria and her cohort will be battling Cerberus General Petrovsky for control of Omega. BioWare promises a bunch of new enemies in the DLC pack. During the video interview, someone off camera also mentions that there will be a Mass Effect Trilogy pack launching for the Xbox and PC on November 4 and the PS3 “later.” The trilogy pack will offer all three Mass Effect games. I wonder when the Omega DLC content will come for PC gamers and the PS3. I hate it when companies offer cool and interesting DLC and don’t offer it on all platforms at the same time.