Is Resident Evil 6 critic proof?

Resident Evil 6 finally saw the light of day on October 6, and while the first review called it “an unforgettable experience,” subsequent reviews were somewhat less-than-stellar.

Indeed, as more reviews keep flooding in, it’s clear the critics aren’t all raving about the latest Resident Evil installment. pleaded, “Someone put a bullet in this series,” and Auburn Citizen wrote that Resident Evil 6 “delivers all the wrong horrors.” So is the latest edition of the game is as critic proof as the movies? It turns out it is, with enormous sales world-wide.

Interestingly, Gaming Blend was quite happy reviewers actually told it like it is with Evil 6 instead of being diplomatic for favors in returns. As William Usher writes, “Usually, game reviews center around always promoting the big titles rarely ever telling people not to buy a game…Rarer yet is to see scores drop below a 5 out of 10, something that wasn’t off limits for the Resident Evil 6 reviews.”

Yet as Blend also points out, reviews for Resident Evil 6 have also run the gamut, going all the way down to 3.0, and going up as high as 95. Again, I don’t know how much reviews really matter if gamers want to play a game bad enough, and in the case of Resident Evil 6, so far it hasn’t put a dent in the game’s success.

As reports, the first week sales for Resident Evil in the States are 676,585 units total, 634,933 on Playstation 3, 41,652 Xbox 360 versions sold. So it looks like reviews be damned, Resident Evil is still going strong. In fact, according to Eurogamer, Resident Evil 6 also did big numbers in Japan, with over 675,000 sales. How’d it do world-wide? According to Gamespot, over two million the first week.