Video: The True Skin sci-fi short

We’ve seen some fairly interesting short films this year in the science fiction and fantasy genres, including Archetype back in February. 

A science fiction short titled True Skin has been making the obligatory geek rounds in recent weeks, with the clip feeling a lot like a mashup of the Bruce Willis flick Surrogates and Blade Runner.

The short film is set in the not-too-distant future where humans can choose to swap some of their organic parts and replacd them with enhanced robotic components.

True Skin follows the plight of a protagonist who somehow manages to obtain an upgrade chip coveted by various dystopian elements. He is unable to evade the agents that are trying to capture and kill him to retrieve the classified processor, prompting the protagonist to simply back up his memories and allow himself to be killed.

The visual effects in the short film are particularly noteworthy and it’s directed by Stephan Zlotescu. Word is that the director is in discussions with a number of production companies and movie studios over the last couple of months to adapt True Skin into a full-length feature film.