Supercell rakes in $10 million a month from the App Store

Game developer rakes in a cool $350,000 per day after Apple takes its cut.

One of the most successful mobile game developers in the world is the Finnish-based Rovio of Angry Birds fame. Interestingly, another Finnish mobile game developer called Supercell is moving up to give Rovio a run for its money – by attempting to become the most successful studio in the country. Indeed, Supercell recently announced that it is grossing an insane amount of money each day on iOS alone via its two flagship games.

To be sure, the company is generating over $500,000 a day from Hay Day and Clash of Clans. Both titles are free to play, but offer in-game transactions such as weapons and other virtual goods to advance character progression.

The company says that is making $350,000 each day from the two games via the App Store after Apple takes its 30% cut. That means Supercell is making a cool $10 million each month – just from the above-mentioned titles.

Clash of the Clans is the company’s biggest game and has been the top grossing game on the iPad charts in over five dozen countries for weeks. Unsurprisingly, Supercell and Rovio share a common investor with Accel Partners having invested in both studios.

Supercell founder and CEO Ilkka Paananen said, “One thing they’ve (Rovio) really done for the Finnish gaming community is they’ve done a huge favor in raising the bar for everybody.”

Supercell isn’t resting on its laurels; the company has recently opened a San Francisco office to be closer to the technology industry and the two companies it works with most often – Apple and Facebook. Paananen also notes that he think the rumored smaller iPad Mini would be a great thing for the industry because it could help iOS reach a broader audience thanks to a lower purchase price.