Video: The multiplayer modes of Crysis 3

I’ve been a huge fan of the Crysis franchise since the original game debuted years ago. So it comes as little surprise that expecations are sky-high for Crysis 3, which is due to hit shelves in February 2013.

As we’ve previously discussed, EA has been teasing various aspects of the long-awaited title for several months, with the latest trailer highlighting two multiplayer game modes.

Yes, the new clip showcases two of eight online C3 multiplayer modes, including Hunter and Crash Site. One particularly noteworthy feature is that Crash Site now allows players to use the Ceph Pinger combat walker. When it comes to multiple player action on consoles – up to 12 players can play at one time with up to 16 simultaneous players on the PC.

The Hunter mode pits players in nanosuits against trooper enemies using the formidable bow weapon. Each of the troopers the Hunter team kills respawns as a Hunter – acting to slowly tip the scales in the Hunter’s favor.

And as you may recall, Crash Site is a multiplayer mode making its triumphant returning from previous Crysis titles. In CS, teams face-off against each other on a map where an alien pod is dropped in a random location. The goal of the game? For each of the teams to capture the pod with points awarded to anyone standing in the pod’s zone.

After a certain amount of time, the pod ultimately detonates, clearing the way for a new pod to be dropped in a different area of the map. Interestingly, for the first time, this mode will also feature the ability to comandeer the Pinger walker.

Crysis 3 goes live this February.