Xbox Live users: Romney won debate

It seems that Xbox Live users were on the same page as all the political pundits on Wednesday night.

Microsoft has released the statistics that it collected during the first-of-its-kind live interactive streaming of this week’s presidential debate.

“Romney was indeed a winner of last night’s debate with the Xbox Live audience, despite what some of the raw, real-time numbers might have shown. We asked 10 questions during the debate to gauge who won exchanges or segments, and we found that ‘undecideds’ broke for Romney while Obama consistently lost support from his base,” Microsoft said in a statement.

According to the results of the instant responses collected from the debate, Microsoft said that Romney exceeded his support while Obama lost support. 88% of those who tuned in said they were likely voters. Only 11% said they were undecided.

Microsoft launched the Xbox Live Election Hub a few months ago as a means of proving that it can provide more content and interaction beyond the typical slate of videos, games, and music.

69% of those connected to the Xbox Live hub said they are going to share their political opinions through social networks, so this is the kind of audience that both candidates sorely want to win over.

While Microsoft didn’t announce the specific number of people who tuned in for the debate on Xbox Live, it said that it “far exceeded” 10,000 users.