SteelSeries launches mobile gaming gear for Android and iOS

Computer accessory maker SteelSeries has been working on an Android/iOS compatible Bluetooth gaming controller for a while now. In fact, we talked about it last month, although pricing and availability were pending at the time.

Well, SteelSeries recently rolled out its Free Mobile Wireless Controller for $79.99. Essentially, the controller can best be described as a portable battery-powered controller with a D-pad on the left and a cluster of four buttons on the right. The controller also features a pair of mini-analog sticks in the center and a pair of shoulder buttons.

Power is drawn from an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which apparently offers up to 20 hours of casual game play – or 10 hours of non-stop gaming action, with the controller designed to turn itself off after 20 minutes of inactivity. The internal battery charges via a micro USB cable that is included with controller.

Interestingly, the Free Mobile Wireless Controller is not only compatible with Android or iOS devices – it will also work for PC and Mac gamers.

Along with the wireless controller for gaming on the go, SteelSeries also rolled out a new Flux headset designed to work with just about any device you might have. The headset is available for $99.99 and boasts 40 mm drivers for high-quality sound, along with sound isolating mesh-cloth covered ear cups.

The headset folds for storage and ships with two interchangeable cable options. One of the cables allows it to be connected to PCs, while the other is designed for mobile devices. Each of the ear cups is equipped with an input jack allowing the user to choose which side the cable is plugged into. The second input jack can be used to connect an additional headset so more than one user can listen to music at the same time.