Video: The Mantis mechs of Halo 4

So we know about the weapons fielded by the UNSC, Covenant and Prometheans. But what about the mechs of Halo 4?

As luck would have it, a new video teaser posted by 343 showcases what may just be the sweetest weapon of them all – the Mantis. Yes, anyone who grew up playing Mech Warrior will no doubt recognize a proper mech when they watch the clip.

Interestingly, the Mantis sits curled up in a little ball when inactive, which appears to be some form of hibernation or temporary shutdown. However, wen a player hops onto the device and activates the machine, it stands up and walks in double time.

The mech appears to be one of the more agile vehicles in the video game and certainly has significant firepower. Personally, I’m impressed that you can stomp on vehicles to destroy them, as well as target hostiles with a standard laser canon.

The map in the the video above is titled Ragnarok, which is actually very similar to the Halo 3 map dubbed Valhalla. As you may recall, Valhalla was a favorite map for many and Ragnarok will no doubt be the same.

Yes, this is a huge week for fans of the Halo Franchise, as the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn live-action series debuts later this week on the fifth, counting down to the official launch of the game early next month.