Netflix iPad app updated, adds "Just for Kids"

Netflix has updated its iPad app, bringing with it the increasingly important “Just for Kids” version of the streaming service.

The new app will allow users to browse only through content that is kid-friendly. Titles like Thomas the Tank Engine, Power Rangers, Curious George, Bob the Builder, and Arthur are available in the newly launched channel.

Ratings from the independent non-profit group Common Sense Media were used to automate the process of choosing what content was appropriate for the Just for Kids service.

“We’re very excited to release the first mobile version of Netflix Just for Kids. Kids love watching shows and movies on tablets and they intuitively know how to use Netflix Just for Kids on iPad,” said Netflix director of product innovation David Watson in a statement.

The video streaming giant brought the special content filter to its website in August 2011. Since then, it says, more than one billion hours of the child-friendly content has been streamed.

It has also rolled out the Just for Kids apps on Apple’s Apple TV set-top box as well as the Nintendo Wii and PS3, and most recently the Xbox 360.

In fact, pretty much every other device that plays Netflix now has the “Just for Kids” feature in its respective app. However, most Android products still don’t, and Netflix says it plans to roll the feature out to those devices by the end of the year.