New Xbox Live Rewards program offers discounts

Microsoft will begin offering discounts for players who prove their loyalty to the Xbox community.A new Xbox Live Rewards program has gone into place, which will begin offering a “cash back” sort of incentive to those who have amassed a certain number of in-game achievements.

The program is based on users’ Gamerscore values. As soon as players reach 3000 points, they are eligible to receive a special gift during their birthday month. Details on what exactly that entails are still forthcoming.

The real rewards start showing up, though, for players who reach 10,000 Gamerscore points. Those players will receive a 1% rebate on all Xbox Live Marketplace purchases, and the rebate will be issued monthly.

And for those truly die-hard fans, once 25,000 Gamerscore points are earned, they are eligible for a 2% rebate. The upper tiers also receive the same birthday gift promotion.

The only footnote is that players do not earn rebates on purchases of points of Xbox Live Golf memberships.

Players must first sign up for the new rewards program before they can start earning Gamerscore points to become eligible for rewards.