A PS3 button map for Android

Some smartphones have the capability to play PS3 games, but the question is how can you manage those controls?

Luckily, a new initiative has popped up to make mobile Playstation gaming a bit more enjoyable. A website called Sixaxis of Power has created a special button map download for Android devices.

It provides users with an overlay of the well-known PS3 controller, making it much easier and more seamless to control games that players are used to playing with a standard joystick-and-buttons device.

Some Sony-branded smartphones have the ability to connect to a “Remote Play” feature, which gives them remote access to their PS3. This is mostly advertised as a way to access media libraries and Playstation Network friend contacts, but there are also a select few PS3 titles that can be streamed and played remotely.

In addition to that, Sony is working on vastly expanding its mobile gaming offering, including vintage Playstation One games as well as brand new mobile exclusives. Having a user-friendly way to utilize all that content is definitely a welcome addition for Android gamers.

It will be interesting to see if Sony ends up coming out an official version of what Sixasis of Power has released. For now, though, it’s always good to see fans filling the gaps.