The Avengers aren’t finished

The Avengers Blu-ray/DVD just hit physical and virtual shelves on September 25. While it is still too early for official figures, there is absolutely no doubt the superhero film will be a big winner on home video.

It’s also quite clear that fans love the quality and extras included with the deluxe Blu-ray package. Indeed, this is a four-disc Blu-ray set, and as Collider notes “One of the great things about the film is that it keeps getting better,” which is a trip to say because the movie just came out in May.

Collider liked the 2D version of the film better than the 3D version, and the Joss Whedon commentary has been a big fave with fans as well.

As IGN reports, “The 2D Blu-ray is rich with depth and detail, with inky blacks and bright, vivid colors…Once the action kicks into high gear, this disc delivers absolute, demo-worthy perfection.”

IGN also loved the Blu-ray’s audio “mixed in thunderous 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio…this is a reference listening experience. Disney Blu-ray discs are known for their stunning audio presentations, and The Avengers is no different. Surrounds are aggressive, filling the sound field with incredible atmosphere… Dialogue is free of distortions or crackles, and bass is sure to shake every inch of your home theater.”

Meanwhile, MTV enjoyed Joss Whedon’s commentary track, which it called “insightful, informative and downright hilarious,” and it “stands out as the home video release’s decisive highlight.” Highlights of that commentary include Whedon’s insights intoJeremy Renner’s acting, which he described as minimalist. “What he’s not doing is what he’s doing,” said Whedon.

The veteran genre director also was very happy with how Hulk fought with Loki at the end, as well as the big uncut shot at the end during the battle, which almost didn’t make the film. Whedon finally got that shot in the flick, even with the schedule and the budget running low, because it was and important moment in the film, no matter what it would end up costing. “I think that’s why we’re here,” Whedon said. “This is where the Avengers become the Avengers.”

Eventually we’ll also see all the Avengers heroes films together in a massive box set, which is currently being held up for legal reason. But judging by the fan response, it looks like this Blu-ray should keep everybody very happy until the sequel hits theaters.