Gamestop stops Wii U pre-orders

If you didn’t get your Wii U pre-order in at Gamestop by now, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The leading US video game retailer has stopped accepting orders for the console due to “overwhelming demand.”

The only way for customers to secure the device at Gamestop now is to be put on a “waiting list.” This option is only available for people with a Gamestop Powerup Rewards account.

The premium version of the Wii U with a larger hard drive and a bundled copy of the game Nintendo Land was the first to go, with the basic $300 model just recently filling up the initial pre-order allotment.

For everyone else, this means that getting a Wii U on launch day will involve waiting outside a store for several hours on a cold November night.

Because of problems with the manufacturing of the touchscreen Wii U Gamepad, it’s believed that the stock will be notably low on launch day, which could lead to huge lines and Ebay prices going through the roof.

Nintendo hasn’t announced where the official launch party will take place, which is where one would expect to see the largest quantity of devices. These events usually happen in New York City or southern California.

Regardless, it’s going to be one big rush for the Wii U this holiday season. Be prepared.