LOTR Hobbit Shire gets the LEGO treatment

DIY Lego Hobbiton is preeeciousss.

We’re big admirers of Lord of the Rings (LOTR) around here and we’re also huge fans of LEGO, having highlighted a number of cool DIY Lego creations on more than a few occasions. The last Lego diorama we talked about, which also happens to be our current favorite, was the insanely detailed Rivendale build.

True, the Hobbiton Lego diorama that’s turned up today isn’t quite as tricked out as the incredible rendering of Rivendell we discussed back in August. Nevertheless, the model Hobbiton features a little bridge, trees, and three Hobbit homes. You can even see inside the homes from above, while the houses are furnished with little LEGO furnishings and even food.

The characters used in the Hobbiton diorama are from the official Lego Lord of the Rings construction sets. Legopard, the builder of the Lego Shire, recently entered his diorama at SteineWahn 2012 in Berlin, Germany, and took third place.


Another one of our favorite Lego creations is the uber-detailed Lego Serenity. As every self-respecting geek knows, Serenity is the spaceship from the Firefly series, and this Lego construct was made following the official Blueprints Reference Pack from QMx.

Remember, if you like the idea of building your own custom Lego creations, but don’t want to spend the money to buy real bricks you can always use Lego’s virtual construction set online. This virtual construction set boasts 8 trillion different Lego bricks that can be built, saved and  shared via email or social networks. Of course, you will have to wait for approval to ensure that nothing deemed offensive was built using the virtual blocks.