PowerA Moga Android gaming controller launches in late October

Mobile gaming has taken off in recent years, propelled by the rapid adoption of high-end smartphones and tablets. However, mobile gaming, at least in my opinion, still has a number of issues to overcome, specifically when it comes to controls. Indeed, touchscreen controls often leave a lot to be desired for some game genres.

A new mobile Android video game controller designed by PowerA – dubbed Moga – should help address the lack of precise controls when it debuts on on October 21 at a $49.99 price point.

The mobile gaming controller features a little clamp to hold your Android device and connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Frankly, the device reminds me of some of the aftermarket PS3 controllers I’ve used in the past, as it is equipped with dual directional pads and an analog joystick. Moga also features four buttons on the right side along with buttons on the left that appear to be for select and start.

The Android game controller will be packaged with a free downloadable Moga PivotTV app, carry case and two free games: Sonic CDTM and the arcade classic Pac-Man.

Unfortunately, the Moga controller may not be compatible with all game apps on the market. Nevertheless, PowerA is offering a Moga SDK for developers and says that some of the top publishers in the mobile game market have already committed to developing titles for the controller.

Notable games that are confirmed to work with the controller? The Dark Knight Rises HD, Asphalt 7: Heat HD, Death Rall and Dungeon Hunter 3.