Assessing the superhero business

It’s certainly always a trip to see Robert Downey Jr.’s mansion and all the incredible technology at his disposal in the Iron Man franchise.

Same thing with Batman, especially considering Bruce Wayne had Morgan Freeman coming up with a lot of great stuff to play with. We often like to think to ourselves, how cool it would be to afford all those cool superhero toys, but of course you know none of this stuff is cheap. But what would it all cost in real world money?

Much like the site Celebrity Net Worth, there are now two charts that try and estimate the net worth of Iron Man and Batman.

We found the Iron Man chart on both CNET and Moneysupermarket, and first off they estimated how expensive just the costume is. The helmet with all the cool holographic stuff? $54 million. His nuclear power source in his chest? $36 mil. The guns mounted on his shoulders? A bargain at $400,000. The exoskeleton of his suit? $10 million.

The Batman chart was reprinted on Complex, and according to their speculation, his vehicles alone cost $80 million dollars, although the parts of Bat-suit are much cheaper than Iron Man’s. Batman’s Tumbler is estimated at $18 million, and his airplane, The Bat, which I thought was awesome to behold in The Dark Knight Rises, costs $60 million. His motorcycle is priced at $1.5 million, and even Alfred doesn’t come cheap with a $600,000 a year salary to run Wayne Manor.

There’s also lists of the richest superheroes online, and Batman and Iron Man of course made those lists, but on one list put together by Ranker  is the Black Panther, because he runs a country. Also on the list is Sub-Mainer, because whenever a wallet or change gets lost in the ocean, he keeps it, much like we collect change that fell behind the couch. Next fun net worth project: What does it cost to be James Bond?