New, slimmer PS3 officially revealed

Sony will try to steal some of Nintendo’s thunder this holiday season with a new version of the PS3.Confirming rampant rumors that the company would launch an even slimmer version of its console in time for the holidays, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House unveiled both a 250 GB version and a 500 GB version of the latest PS3 iteration.

The 250 GB version will sell for $250, while the 500 GB one will go for $300. Both will go on sale on September 25.

These prices are in line with the current PS3 models, so it seems that Sony is going to phase out the existing inventory with these new editions. It had been previously speculated that the “super slim” PS3 might come with less storage.

It is of course no coincidence that this happens to correspond perfectly with the launch of Nintendo’s new system, the Wii U.

While it’s a little difficult to detract significant attention from Nintendo, since the Wii U is a brand new system as opposed to the marginal difference with the updated PS3 model, but for the non-hardcore consumers, a $250 PS3 might seem more appealing as a Christmas present than a $300 or $350 Wii U.

The Wii U launches on November 18 and pre-orders are already selling out. It is expected that Nintendo will have limited supply just like it did six years ago with the launch of the Wii.

That will make it an even more coveted gift in time for the holidays. This could also be an advantage for Sony, as the new PS3 could make a good backup gift for those unable to secure a Wii U.