Playstation Vita firmware goes to 1.81

After rolling out version 1.80 of the Vita firmware last month, Sony has a new update.

You probably won’t notice anything on the front end aside from the annoying request whenever you try to access an online-enabled feature. It’s a security update that focuses mainly on increasing stability.

The Vita has been doing alright in sales. It reached 1.8 million unit sales by the end of its fiscal year, which ended in March. In February, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Kirai says that sales were at 1.2 million units.

In its first couple months on the market, the Vita was only available in the very limited region of Japan.

In March, Sony said, only 52,492 Vita units were purchased in Japan. That represents less than 10% of the 600,000 or so units that were sold on a global scale. So bringing it to the larger markets has of course had a boost in sales.

It still needs to prove that the Vita is a viable handheld, and that there is room in the market for a dedicated handheld game device when so many people are now content to play games on their iPhone, Android phones, and tablets.

Sony said that in its next fiscal year, it will be able to do that. It projects that 10 million units will be sold in that period.