Minecraft arrives on Amazon’s Kindle Fire

The official Pocket Edition of Minecraft has finally gone live for the Kindle Fire on Amazon’s curated App Store.

The game is priced at a cool $7, the same as the iOS and (standard) Android versions, and can be downloaded here

As Joystiq’s Jessica Conditt points out, Kindle Fire owners who previously 
wanted to run Minecraft on their tablets were forced to engage in a variety of workarounds, such as rooting and roundabout third-party subscriptions. 

However, the game can now be run via a simple and legitimate one-click process. 

Minecraft went live in alpha for specific Android devices over a year ago and officially launched across iOS and Android devices in late 2011.

As TG Daily previously reported, the PC version of the wildly popular game sold over 7 million copies since it first went live in November of 2011.  

The Xbox 360 iteration is reportedly selling approximately 17,000 copies a day and generating $340,000 in revenue roughly every 24 hours. Meanwhile, Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android recently hit over 5,000,000 downloads. With all versions combined, Minecraft has sold more than 10 million units to date.

The arrival of Minecraft on the Fire will undoubtedly please those thinking about picking up a next-gen Kindle tablet, which as we recently learned, features a locked bootloader.