Fan-made anime Star Wars is better than the new trilogy

The creator of this awesome fan-made Star Wars movie needs a job in the industry – and Hollywood could definitely use talent like this to raise the genre bar.

That’s right – a fan-made video recently hit YouTube that depicts an epic battle between the Empire and the rebels in the Star Wars universe. The anime clip has a very cool vibe to it and conjures up memories of Star Blazers – a show I used to watch as a kid. Apparently, the original animated video had no sound and was posted up by a YouTube user going by the name of Otaking77077.

The original video was removed for some unexplained reason. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the clip was pulled due to a copyright takedown request. The version you see above is that of the original video set to some questionably tasteful music called Born to Lose by a band known as Sleigh Bells.

One of the most interesting things about this video, at least to me, is that it seems to be more focused on the Empire’s viewpoint – rather than the rebels who were the heroes of the films. I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed seeing the faces of the individuals behind those black-clad tie fighter pilot masks.

It’s also very cool to see all the AT-ATs and smaller walkers staged in the belly of a massive Star Destroyer. I would love to see George Lucas approve something along the lines of this project, I think it would be much better than the current animated Star Wars series playing on TV. Who knows whether it will happen, and unfortunately, the new video we’ve posted above could disappear at any time, so enjoy it while you can.