Comics master Stan Lee takes on mobile gaming

Stan “The Man” Lee is quite a remarkable personality – as well as an old time comics master at the ripe old age of 90.  

With The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, this has been a hell of a year for comics, with Marvel leading the pack, and Stan the Man has not been idle either. Now The Wrap reports that Lee and his company, POW! Entertainment, have a new game planned in conjunction with the mobile-gaming company Moonshark titled Verticus.


Looking at an advance poster for the game, the protagonist wears a slick superhero suit that could be straight out of Tron. The gist of the game? There’s a doomsday device in the center of the earth that’s been placed there by evil aliens called Obliterators, and it’s up to Verticus to save the day. 

Lee narrates the game, and will be there to guide Verticus, which makes him sound a little like Obi-Wan, and why not? It’s a perfect voice role for the elder statesman of superheroes.


As the CEO of Moonshark told The Wrap, “We are constantly on the lookout for creative partners that are legendary, people who have left such a mark on their industry and have created an iconic style that translate[s] to other mediums effectively.” 

Lee clearly fits the bill here. One also can’t help but hope that Verticus
may one day be turned into a movie or a TV show, and this could definitely be a prime candidate for the much coveted crossover. So can Papa Lee help spearhead this effort with Verticus?


“Making Verticus is a new way for me to connect with my fans and reach a whole new group of people through their mobile devices,” said Lee. 

It’s definitely good to see heroes, and the people who create them, crossing over to the latest technology. Maybe like Iron Man’s heart, it will keep everything going strong for years to come.