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The strangest zombie games ever

It seems like every time you turn around there’s a new zombie game popping up, and much like fighting the undead, it’s hard to stay ahead of the rampaging horde.

Of course, not every zombie game is going to be the greatest thing ever coded, and you’re definitely going to have some weird ones that will stand out like a sore thumb, but that’s okay too, because at least it’s not the same old cookie cutter sh*t.


Recently, CVG compiled a list of the weirdest zombie games they’ve encountered, and while you can apply a zombie to a lot of different storylines and themes, you wonder how some people could have come up with Zombie Tycoon, or The Typing of the Dead.


Zombie Tycoon isn’t like the title suggests, it doesn’t make you an undead Donald Trump, it’s a game that gives you power to control zombies instead of fighting them off. And Typing of the Dead? This was a title which hit the streets courtesy of the Sega umbrella, and it was an educational game where you had to learn how to type to keep zombies away from you. 

CVG actually liked Typing of the Dead, remaking that “to video game publishers, zombies make everything fun…this was actually pretty cool.” There was also an arcade version, and I also wonder if you were graded for speed and accuracy, because that’s obviously important when blasting zombies with a gun.

Gloom was a take off on Doom, and CVG remarked it was like Wolfenstein 3D, except you’re blasting zombies instead of Nazis. They also put Isle of the Dead, not to be confused with Dead Island, and it also was a take off on Wolfenstein, and while CVG tells us the game was very tough and they also recalled it wasn’t that fun, it does have “immense kitsch value.”


The sexy Lollipop Chainsaw also rounded off the list, and as CVG writes, “Schlocky, gratuitous and very fun ‘80s horror films seem to be the inspiration here, and if you take Lollipop Chainsaw for what it is – a score-driven hack-and-slasher – it’s pretty damn cool.”

Yes, there’s video games that have great depth to them, but let’s never forget the main objective is to have a good time, and you don’t get the impression Lollipop Chainsaw strives to be anything deeper than an old Evil Dead flick, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.


In other funny zombie game news, you’re probably familiar with the game Plants vs. Zombies. Well according to Cinema Blend, Plants has been adopted by the American Dental Association, and in conjunction with PopCap Games, who created Plants, dentists will be giving out trading cards to kids, and the cards have codes to help you with the game.


The ADA is encouraging people to give out these cards on Halloween because the game is obviously a healthy message for kids, right? And as Blend reminds, a sequel for Plants Vs. Zombies will be hitting devices this spring.