Video: Killing the undead with FPS Yaiba

Keiji Inafune, who created Mega Man, Onimusha and Dead Rising, says he has a new spin on zombie games.

According to CVG, the new game is called Yaiba, or Blade, and you can see just how cool the concept is in the trailer below. 

Clearly, this isn’t your typical undead game, as you’ll also have to battle ninjas and robots too.

As Inafune explained: “I am still aggressively challenging myself in various arenas. But I asked myself, ‘Have I covered everything?’ It felt like something is missing; something people expect from me the most. The expectation is clear. It’s for my next zombie game.”


Inafune worked at Capcom for twenty years, and after leaving in 2010 he started another company, Comcept, and Cinema Blend tells us they’re developing Yaiba, which indeed looks very promising from the trailer so far. 

Things will still be under wraps for a while, and Inafune continued, “I am not at freedom to disclose the details just yet. But I am confident consisting of zombies with action, ninjas and mechs.”


Zombies, ninjas and mechs, I love that description. And there’s certainly never been a zombie game or movie that’s ever combined all those elements together before, at least not in this way. It could make a pretty wild Molotov cocktail, and here’s to hoping it’s indeed going to explode when Yaiba is ready to play.