Asphalt 7 patch shifts Android gaming into overdrive

Asphalt 7 is a mobile game for Android and iOS that allows players to drive 60 different sports cars, including vehicles design by Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin.

As the folks at XDA Dev point out, downloading a game from Google Play doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a title will support the best possible graphics. 

Indeed, like console games, Android visual settings are typically locked in place to ensure smooth game play across multiple devices. While this undoubtedly benefits users with older handsets, it is kind of a drag for those with the latest Android smartphones who have the extra horsepower to spare.

Fortunately, XDA senior member “nfsmw_gr” recently released a patch for Asphalt 7 to improve the visuals for those running the game on newer devices. 

Key features include:

* Anti-aliasing

* Runs at 60 FPS (most of the time)

* Potentially decreases battery drain.

“I’ve played 20 minutes and only 5% is gone!” nfsmw_gr reported. “I’m using lh3 ics and siyah 1.5.2 with undervolted and overclocked cpu+gpu (1600mhz cpu, 533mhz gpu).”

Interested? Why not check out the patch details here. And don’t worry, the software is quite easy to install and only involves moving a modded file to a new location in the game folders. 

Note: Thus far, the patch is  limited to the SGSIII, but nfsmw_gr says work on a universal version will commence STAT.