Ubisoft will have fewer epic titles on Xbox 720, PS4

Don’t expect the next console generation to have a ton of multi million-dollar Ubisoft titles.The company will instead pay more attention to casual games that cost less to make and attract a greater number of players, even if the per-game revenue might not be as great.

CEO Yves Guillemot told the UK Guardian news outlet, “With next gen consoles, it’s going toward bigger games, and yes, we will make less of them. But with free-to-play games, the teams aren’t as big so we can try different things and find subjects that are of interest to consumers.”

This is a trend we’ve been seeing for years now, with similar proclamations from companies like Square Enix. That publisher announced that the Final Fantasy series as gamers came to know and love it was reaching an end.

So the Xbox 720 and PS4 will be more powerful than their predecessors, but the irony is that perhaps there will be fewer major resources tapping into that power than there were with the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Guillemot noted, however, that fewer epic blockbusters does not mean a lack of innovation.

“Being connected, playing with your friends on any device – consoles can continue to improve that experience and make sure it’s more believable, that you’re immersed in those worlds. The potential is there, with everything that’s been created in the last seven years, to give us new sensations,” he said.