Hulu updates PS3 app

There’s a new face for Hulu Plus on the PS3.The streaming video app has been updated to make it easier to find content and to provide more tailored recommendations based on user viewing history.

The new version of the app gives users many more options on the screen at a given time.

The previous version of the app required users to scroll through options one at a time. With the update, it’s now possible to see multiple rows of content.

In addition, the search tool has been overhauled. Now, when users begin to type in the name of a show, a dynamic list of results will appear below, ordered by relevance as well as what users are likely to be most interested in.

So, the first result will be the show’s main landing page, with full episodes as the next set of restuls, and finally clips and Web exclusives will trail the list.

There is also a section of the 100 most-watched clips, and movie trailers have been given more prominence as well.

Finally, the actual playback and navigation controls have also been improved, with the left and right buttons now being used to rewind and fast-forward. Pressing the up or down button will bring up a menu for all playback controls.

The updates are based on user feedback, as the people behind-the-scenes at Hulu continue to figure out the best way to showcase the thousands of hours of content available in its cloud.