Slash’s app for destruction

If you’re a musician and want to record yourself or your band, you don’t need to book time in a top-notch studio anymore. 

There’s so much you can do on your computer these days, and in fact, a number of musicians actually record tracks at home using apps like AmpliTube and Amp Farm that are capable of replicating great guitar sounds. 

Now as Guitar World tells us, there’s an AmpliTube model for Slash you can use on your Mac. This is a great boon for guitar players, because Slash has always had great guitar tone, especially on Appetite For Destruction, which many players have tried very hard to replicate.


Indeed, Slash worked with IK Multimedia to create the AmpliTube Slash app, which recaptures his classic Marshall amp sound, as well as some of the pedals he uses, including a wah/distortion, delay, and noise gate.

This app has presets that Slash helped design, including “Jungle Delay,” and “Paradise Intro,” referring of course to his guitar sounds on Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City.


This app is also packaged with a multi-track recorder, a song player where you can bring in songs and backing tracks to play along to, and it also boasts a tuner and a metronome. To plug in this app, you need the IK Multimedia iRig guitar interface, which costs $39.99, and the list price for the Slash app is $14.99.


In reviewing the Slash app, Guitar World called it “an extraordinary mobile guitar app. The presets are excellent and offer some of the most killer tones I’ve heard for a practice, recording and performance app.”


Of course many guitar players insist on getting their sound from real amps, but apps are a great way to go for recording, practice, and using similes of Slash’s tones as a launching pad to create your own sound. And no matter what gear you use, the magic of a guitar sound is always in your hands, although again, this is certainly a great place to start.