The dystopian gameplay of Remember Me

Remember Me is like Blade Runner mixed with a dash of Mirror’s Edge and a pinch of The Matrix.

Personally, I think the dystopian video game was probably one of the coolest titles to be showcased at Gamescom 2012 in Germany.

Recently, a new 10-minute game play trailer for Remember Me surfaced online, and I have to say, it looks pretty sweed indeed.

As I noted above, the clip reminds me of a mashup between Blade Runner, The Matrix, and the game Mirrors Edge. Basically, the trailer shows the heroine of the game, Nilin as she attempts to hide from a helicopter trying to kill her.

The clip does an excellent job of illustrating how the player navigates seemingly impassible terrain to escape enemies and other hostile entities. The trailer also showcases the hand-to-hand combat aspect of the game – complete with special finishing moves, along with an inventory system that seems fairly easy to use.

In addition, it appears as if the player can manipulate certain aspects of the immediate environment using some sort of electroic device strapped to the wrist. I also find it interesting that players can steal memories from NPC characters in the game.

Remember Me goes live for consoles and Windows PCs in May of 2013. Check out the video for yourself to see the game play action, but be warned, as it does contain some NSFW language.