Yes, Republicans wanted a Reagan hologram

We recently discussed the possibility of resurrecting celebrities and politicians in the form of larger than life holograms.

As you may recall, all of this started when a hologram of Tupac appeared at Coachella Music Festival, and there’s also been talk of taking an Elvis hologram hitting the road. 

But now reports are coming in that Mitt Romney wanted to have a hologram of Ronald Reagan appear at the Republican convention.


As Vanity Fair notes, instead of the Reagan hologram, we got Clint Eastwood in what’s now going down in history as his infamous empty chair routine. 

According to Vanity, it was ultimately decided that a Reagan hologram would take away too much attention from Romney during his most crucial time in trying to win the confidence of the American public. Nevertheless, the hologram of President #40 is apparently still in the works.


As Tom Reynolds, who’s been at work on the hologram told Yahoo, “Even in a hologram form I think Reagan’s going to beat a lot of people in terms of communicating,” but who knows if having a Reagan hologram would have had the right effect. It could have come across as cheesy, or in bad taste, and for Democrats, it could have been a frightening visit from a political past they’d like to leave back in the eighties.


Yes, everyone’s talking about Clint Eastwood, and if you believe there’s no such thing as bad publicity, it’s certainly gotten everyone talking, and put Romney’s name all over the news, but you also wonder if a Reagan hologram could have been an equal disaster if it didn’t come off right.


Reynolds is collaborating with AV Concepts, who also worked on the Tupac hologram, and in all the hullabaloo about celebrities being brought back this way, it would only make sense that former presidents would be considered for this as well. 

It will indeed be interesting to see where the Ronnie hologram will eventually turn up, just hopefully not at Coachella alongside Tupac, or Elvis for that matter.