Tough Ouya questions bring us back to reality

The Android-powered Ouya console has sparked our imaginations, but what if it never materializes?When the project launched on Kickstarter, it became an instant success. The project actually managed to hit the ambitious ~$1 million target in less than 24 hours.

Anyone who posted an investment of $99 or more will receive one of the  very first Ouya consoles. That is, of course, only if it actually happens to be released.

There are many examples of great ideas that never materialize, including ones with much higher investments than Ouya received, so when NPR asked the tough questions of Ouya president Julie Uhrman, she reminded us that the $99 you paid on Kickstarter is not like buying a product at Best Buy.

“From a doing-the-right-thing perspective, we will treat our backers the best possible way.”

Meanwhile, Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler faced reality to say that if the company wasn’t able to actually get the device off the ground, “that would be new ground.”

“But certainly, the kind of thing you’re talking about is not a bridge that has been crossed yet. Someday it will. And you know, I think if something did go awry, it would be … it wouldn’t be my favorite day,”he said.

Since making a small splash on online enthusiast sites, it has gained viral attention. Its addition to Kickstarter to earn development funds from people wanting to get in on the ground floor has been incredibly successful.

There are tens of thousands of investors in the Ouya project on Kickstarter.

The social funding site’s FAQ states that it “does not guarantee that any Content will be made available … The Company has no obligation to monitor the Service or Content … Kickstarter does not offer refunds.”