EA: Don’t expect new IP on PS3, Xbox 360

If you were hoping for a brand new Electronic Arts franchise, don’t hold your breath.EA Labels president Frank Gibeau stated in a recent Gamesindustry.biz interview that it is a mistake to launch new intellectual property (IP) this late into a console’s life cycle.

“The time to launch an IP is at the front-end of the hardware cycle, and if you look historically the majority of new IPs are introduced within the first 24 months of each cycle of hardware platforms,” Gibeau said.

So, the company is not actively working on any new franchises or original series for the PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii. The only EA titles you’ll see on those platforms moving forward are sequels and other titles that leverage the franchises and characters you already know.

“Right now, we’re working on three to five new IPs for the next gen, and in this cycle we’ve been directing our innovation into existing franchises,” he added.

Gibeau previously stated that he has seen both the Xbox 720 and the PS4, but of course did not comment on any specific details about either platform.

Gibeau voiced his opinion about the state of the industry right now, saying, “From this chaos, you’re going to get a new order, a new approach, that’s going to be a very vibrant time for games.. Yes, there’s chaos right now, but a golden age is coming.”