Is GTA going Back to the Future?

Doc Brown’s DeLorean has to be one of the best sight gags in movie history.

By the time Back to the Future hit theaters in the summer of 1985, everyone knew about the DeLorean cocaine scandal that put the car company out of business, and the design of the car looked totally ridiculous even then.

It was a perfect fit for Back to the Future, because the Delorean is obviously somebody’s cockamamie idea of the car of the future, but it was a painfully dated vehicle even then.


So now thanks to a group of fans, GTA IV has been modded to resemble Back to the Future, complete with the DeLorean, and you wonder if Doc Brown himself could have come up with an idea this kooky.

According to Kotaku and GamerAnx, this mod was made by a YouTube user who goes under the name seedyrom34, and it’s also got a full Marty McFly “skin” you can put on when driving.


You can check out the mod above, and it opens with Doc’s immortal line, “If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious sh*t.”

It even shows the car vanishing into the future with the fire trails, but you also need the plutonium and time circuits on to make the time travel successfully. Also on the right hand of the screen, you see the digital LED of where you are, and where you hope to head into the future. The numbers are a little tiny, but they look like the ones from the film. (You know the geeks will be spot checking that one for sure).


At the end of the demo, the DLlorean crashes out, and you hear Marty McFly begging the car to start up again. Again, this is all in good fun, and it’s really truly amazing what custom software mods can add to a game.