Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer goes multiplayer

We’ve been looking forward to the upcoming Aliens Colonial Marines video game since since way back in 2011.

 It’s been over a year since we first heard the game was in the works and shortly thereafter found out the game was scheduled to launch this year. Originally, the game was expected to launch this spring, but the Colonial Marines are now slated to deploy in 2013.

Over the last several months, a number of teaser trailers have surfaced for the game, such as one clip where the Colonial Marines are stalked by Xenomorphs, and it looked pretty sweet indeed. I have to say, the trailers we’ve seen so far have done a very good job of capturing the scary and dystopian look the Aliens films pioneered for science fiction fans.

This week a new trailer surfaced depicting a previously unknown multiple player game type dubbed “escape mode,” and you can pretty much guess what it’s about. My favorite part of the feature films were always when the Marines were running from the Xenomorphs and blasting the acid blooded beasts as they went.

Essentially, escape mode pits four Colonial Marine players against four Xenomorph opponents. The goal? For the Marines to escape, which is obviously no easy feat, or for the Xenomorph players to eliminate the Marines.

The launch date for Aliens Colonial Marines has been set for February 12, 2013. The title will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows PCs. The game is also reportedly headed to the new Wii U, albeit with an unannounced launch date.