Sony eyes console wars film

Console wars? What on earth? Is that a Star Wars parody like Hardware Wars? Joysticks and controllers shooting each other out in space? 

Seriously, though, viable reports of a console wars film seem to have originated at Fusible, then made its way to Collider, which confirmed there have been “rumblings about such a film.” 

The inspiration clearly comes from The Social Network, which as Collider notes, “proved that a movie about something as trite as Facebook could be compelling, relevant, and entertaining.”

And also don’t forget the Steve Jobs / Bill Gates HBO film, Pirates of Silicon Valley, which detailed the rivalry between the two tech giants.

With one Steve Jobs flick currently in production, starring Ashton Kutcher, and Aaron Sorkin writing the big Jobs flick for Sony, this could also be another case of Hollywood trying to stay a step ahead of upcoming trends.


It’s not certain if this will be a drama or a comedy, it’s too early to tell. You’d think something like console wars would, or should, be done more tongue in cheek to make it more interesting to audiences, like the Robert Zemeckis comedy classic Used Cars. 

Used car lots are usually across the street from each other, which can make rivalry too close to comfort. This idea could be especially funny if they do it as a bunch of mad techies doing all this research and development into creating the better console than the next guy, and it eventually spinning into all out war.


Various console war reports also point out that Sony has already registered a bunch of domain names, including, and 

Right now, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are the top consoles at war with each other, and with Sony making a movie, it could absolutely be slanted towards that company’s advantage.

Or is this movie part of the war? 

If so, Microsoft should try and get their own movie set up quick (and we’re still not giving up on Halo), and then they’ll be a similar war between console movies at the box office.