Arrested Development season 4 starts in spring

It is almost like Netflix is its own TV network now.

The return of cult classic TV show Arrested Development will happen in the spring, though the exact date has not been announced. Nor have the details about when new episodes will be available moving forward.

So there are still questions to be answered, including exactly how many new episodes have been slated for the new season.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, actor David Cross said, “I think a lot of people will miss the work that is involved, the story, the Venn diagrams that are being created, the domino effect that characters have with each other in their various episodes.”

Arrested Development was the show that proved Netflix could be more than just a content distributor and could instead be a content creator. Since it first announced it would be reviving the prematurely canceled series, Netflix suddenly gained attention from Hollywood movers and shakers in a whole new way.

Production of the new season is currently underway. The shooting is of course taking place in Los Angeles.