Netflix updates Xbox 360 app

Netflix has rolled out a new version of its Xbox 360 app to make it even easier to find your favorite movies and TV shows.

The biggest functional change to the newest version of the app is the addition of “People Search.” This is an option that already exists on and has just been ported over to the Xbox 360.

So when users begin to type in a search term, instead of just looking for movie or TV show titles, they can also enter the names of actors or directors. The search algorithm will then determine whether it thinks you’re searching for a title or for a person.

Selecting a person will then of course direct to a page that displays all the available movies and TV shows in which that person had some level of involvement.

The feature is fully functional with Kinect voice search as well, so queueing up a Meg Ryan movie marathon is as easy as saying the words “Meg Ryan” (though why anyone would want to do that is beyond me).

For Netflix, the biggest struggle is obviously keeping up-to-date with the many platforms on which it exists.

The same basic skin applies to almost every version of the Netflix app, from smartphones to TVs, but whenever it wants to apply a sweeping change – like the ability for users to choose between regular Netflix and “Just for Kids” content – it is an arduous process because of the many varied programming challenges that each app presents.