Xbox 360 to get "Election 2012 Hub"

If you’re the kind of person who wants all your election news in one easy spot, Microsoft has something for you.

The software giant has announced the “Election 2012 on Xbox Live” initiative, an interactive way for users to watch live coverage of events like presidential debates, as well as participate in polls.

The new Xbox 360 hub also includes up-to-date syndicated content from

The timing is just about right, with the Republican National Convention coming up next Monday. The platform will offer live streaming footage from the convention floor.

“We want to provide our passionate Xbox LIVE community with a great way to experience the election process with TV that makes them participants and not just viewers. This is a great example of how our Xbox capabilities are making the promise of interactive television a reality,” said corporate VP of Microsoft’s Xbox division Marc Whitten.

Among other programming that will be offered on the channel are town hall meetings and special video segments designed to educate users about the important issues in the election.

Microsoft’s VP of government affairs even chimed in, saying, “The launch of the Election 2012 Hub on Xbox LIVE marks another exciting moment of change. This platform will innovate how some voters engage in the political process, and it provides greater access to valuable information such as the perspectives of youth at our town halls, newscasts and voter registrations. By bringing the elections directly into the home through this Xbox platform, we hope to encourage greater participation in the democratic process this fall.”