Please, don’t take our Star Wars toys away

Although I don’t have a drinking or a drug problem, I’ve always been interested in addiction and recovery, and reading a good book about it, or watching the show Intervention, can be very addicting in itself.

I often tell people I’m not addicted to anything that can kill me, and would always rather be addicted to movies, music, and movie memorabilia.

Now the kind of intervention I’ve always dreaded is coming to pass. As the site Giant Freakin Robot reports, there’s indeed a show on SyFy called Collection Intervention, and it’s probably one episode of the show that’s too close to home for me to watch. Even though I’m not a big toy collector, I’ve definitely got piles of DVDs, posters, the usual stuff no self-respecting geek can live without, and the thought of having to part with it scares me to death.

Robot even has clips from the show, but I can’t bear to watch somebody crying because they have to give up their toys. Sure geek stuff like toys and comics are an escape from the real world, but unlike heroin on cocaine it’s not going to kill you. And without some kind of porthole that can take us back to simpler times in our lives, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day, how on earth are we going to get through?

If this ends up going too far, and they start staging interventions and set up rehab for geek hoarders everywhere, they’ll be more overpopulated than prisons. In fact, I’m now scared to go home, because a bunch of friends and family may be sitting in a circle with an intervention specialist waiting for me. In fact, I hope I’m geeking out responsibly, because it’s hard not to go to a movie convention or a comic store and not spend a lot of money, and I often try to stay out of them for this reason.


For those who are also geeking out responsibly and don’t need an intervention, Collider reports there’s also a new show running on the Travel Channel called Toy Hunter, which features Jordan Hembrough, who travels around the country looking for long lost toys and collectibles he can buy and sell.