Steven Spielberg may go IMAX 3D for Robopocalypse

We recently reported that the classic Raiders of the Lost Ark will have a one week run in IMAX.

Clearly, converting your film to IMAX, or shooting it in IMAX, like Christopher Nolan has been doing for much of the Dark Knight films, is something a lot of blockbusters have been adopting lately.

Yes, the studios want to do everything they can to bring audiences back to the movies, and IMAX, as well as 3D, gives theatergoers a bigger than life experience.


So perhaps with the Raiders conversion, Steven Spielberg has indeed got the IMAX bug, because both Yahoo and Cinema Blend are reporting he may shoot his next epic sci-fi flick, Robopocaylpse, in 3D.

At first, Spielberg was “dubious” about transferring Raiders to IMAX, but once it was all complete, “It looked better than the movie I had made [31] years ago.” He also feels his 1977 classic Close Encounters would be good for an IMAX transfer because 40% of that film was shot in 70mm, which could make a hell of a transfer.


Then Spielberg revealed he’s doing IMAX camera tests for Robopocalypse, for regular 2D and 3D. He’s not sure if he’ll go full blown IMAX or 3D for the film, but he is going to test it all out in September. IMAX could be pretty sweet indeed, and considering Spielberg’s never made a 3D film before, it would be very interesting to see what he could do with that technology. (It’s doubtful he’ll ever let any of his previous blockbusters be transferred to 3D, but if he makes Robopocaylpse in 3D, again, it will be interesting to see what he comes up with).


And as much as I’ve read about Spielberg over the years, I’m really not sure if he’s an aficionado of 3D like Martin Scorsese is, although like Scorsese, I’m sure Spielberg’s seen plenty of 3D movies throughout his lifetime, and probably has more than few 3D flicks on his all time favorite  list.


Robopocalypse is based on a best-selling novel by Daniel H. Wilson, who graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a PhD in robotics. The script is being penned by Drew Goddard, who also co-wrote Cabin in the Woods with Joss Whedon. Robopocalypse was original slated for release July 3, 2013, but it’s now been moved to April 25, 2014, and Cinema Blend tells us the director’s interested in Chris Hemsworth starring in the film. 

Of course it’s all too early for anything definite, but we’re all definitely interested to see how this takes shape down the road.