Some thoughts on the Daredevil reboot drama

We recently discussed the possibility of a Daredevil reboot – the prospects of which disappeared about as fast as the story broke. 

With so many reboots these days, why not Daredevil, right? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what could be done with it in the right hands? After all, Joe Carnahan, director of Narc and The A-Team, was really hot to do it after Twilight director David Slade backed out.

But unfortunately, as Carnahan tweeted, it all went up in smoke, and apparently, the rights are reverting back to Marvel.

In fact, as The Hollywood Reporter and Cinema Blend note, a number of superhero properties have already made their way back to Marvel after the rights ran out.

Once Marvel started its own studios, the rights to Iron Man eventually reverted back to them from New Line, along with the Hulk, Blade and The Punisher.

Carnahan tweeted he wanted a Serpico style superhero, referring to the classic ‘70s Al Pacino film about a real-life cop who turned against his own corrupt police department. As it turns out, Carnahan’s in a gritty ‘70s frame of mind because he’s also going to be remaking Death Wish, the Charles Bronson film about a vigilante who takes his own brand of justice to the streets after his family is murdered.


As reported on Collider, Carnahan wanted his Daredevil film to take place in the ‘70s because, “As I’m finishing my kind of re-imagining of Death Wish, I think the ‘70s is figuring into my conscious and subconscious mind right now. I think it was the last time music and movies were just tremendous. We just cranked out some great stuff… The idea of having Daredevil on top of a building somewhere with the Serpico marquee in the background was enough, that image was enough, for me to want to make the movie.”


Marvel definitely has a full plate for the next several years with Joss Whedon announced for The Avengers 2 and a Marvel TV show, a Hulk show in the works with Guillermo Del Toro attached, Guardians of the Universe, Thor 2, Iron Man 3, Edgar Wright working on an Ant Man movie, and much more.


So if there’s ever the possibility of a Daredevil reboot, is there room for one with all these superhero flicks in the works, or will we finally reach comic book critical mass by then? There’s always that possibility, but Daredevil’s indeed one of those characters you wouldn’t mind seeing being redone, although like the Hulk, the public’s probably only willing to give it so many chances.