Cross-platform Shadowrun Online is a $558,000 Kickstarter star

Kickstarter is currently the Grand Central Station of the technology world, successfully attracting massive support for both hardware and software devs.

So if you’re a fan of turn-based role-playing games, you will likely want to keep an eye on Shadowrun Online.

The game was recently posted on Kickstarter, as its creators were seeking a cool $500,000 in funding for development. The funding period is now over for the video game, with developers successfully raising an impressive $558,863. Flush with cash, Shadowrun Online is expected to launch by May of 2013.

Personally, Shadowrun Online reminds me of some of the classic turn-based titles from back in the golden day of gaming – with a “look down” vantage point that has the player hovering over the battlefield.

The title has an interesting look to it with a very industrial theme that also reminds me of the new Tron movie. The game does include certain fantasy elements specifically with items like magic spells and Orcs. But perhaps one of the coolest things about Shadowrun is that it will be available across multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and the nascent Ouya console.

In addition, Shadowrun Online will allow players to sync their progress across multiple devices. Meaning, you can play on your PC, pause and resume on your smartphone or tablet.

The developer describes the game as follows:

“Imagine the magic and creatures of Lord of the Rings crashing at full speed into a dystopian cyberpunk future in the vein of Blade Runner! In the 2070s of our world, dragons are running mega corporations, Amerindian braves battle it out with Ork street gangs over turf, elf hackers glide through the all-encompassing matrix and cybered up street samurai face toxic spirits in the rubble of ruined streets. And YOU will be shaping the future of this world.”